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Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I hope you will come back often as I have tons of photographs to share!

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I love photography, All kinds of Photography. I have lived on the Mississippi Gulf Coast all of my life. I have a wonderful husband of nearly 30 years, one beautiful daughter named Maegan. She is a nurse and she is going back to school to be a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Her husband is also a Nurse who also has a big interest in photography. I am so proud of both of them. Until recently I have been a Surgery Coordinator, but due to health concerns, I have decided to take a less stressful approach to life. Therefore, I am going to pursue my photography passion. I hope to meet some new friends here and to learn and become a better photographer through my connections here. I truly believe that all of life is beautiful, both the good things and even sometimes the bad things. For example, when Hurricane Katrina devastated my beautiful home town, through my pictures, I managed to find some beauty amongst the debris, and even some humor. I will share some of those this August near the anniversary of Katrina. Please leave me any comments, good or bad, they are all appreciated. I also have a beautiful Weimaraner named Cooper, who is sure to show up here from time to time. He is my best friend and constant companion in everything I do. Thanks so much for stopping by!!